Maurreen Skowran, a Marine Corps veteran, would bring a can-do attitude to City Hall.

It’s time to make Albuquerque a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. We all know Albuquerque has its challenges. We’re turning the corner, but too slowly.

We CAN move faster.

We CAN do better.

Maurreen wants to work for you, for all of us:
* To cut crime.
* To bring back prosperity.
* To reduce homelessness and drug addiction.
* To protect our environment and its natural beauty.

To avoid the influence of special interests, Maurreen is seeking public financing. An apartment dweller, she would bring an often-unheard perspective to the City Council. Maurreen would be responsive, with a periodic newsletter and frequent open meetings with constituents in the district.

With a can-do attitude, Albuquerque can accomplish great things!

District 8 residents can help Maurreen qualify for public financing by donating $5 at https://www.cabqcleancampaign.org/candidate/view/s-maurreen-skowran. Contributions at the Clean Campaign site may be made with credit or debit cards, must be made from personal funds, and may be made only by voters registered in District 8.

This website is prepared and authorized by Maurreen Skowran for Albuquerque District 8.